New Vitafresh Made For Kids – Out Now!

March 11, 2016 at 12:41 PM


The brand new range of Vitafresh Fruit Drinks is made for kids! How do we know? It’s easy! Vitafresh Made For Kids is 98% sugar free, with no artificial ingredients. It contains stevia for sweetness (that comes from a plant, you know) and Monk Fruit, which is sweet like sugar but without all the calories. The only small amount of sugar in it comes from the real fruit content! All stuff that’s super important for kids.


Vitafresh Made for Kids comes in three delicious flavours – Orange and Mango; Apple and Blackcurrant; and Tropical. Kids love it because it tastes fruity and delicious; mums and dads love it because it is 100% natural and low in sugar. There aren’t too many drinks you can say that about, these days!


 So, what do you really need to know about Vitafresh Made for Kids?


  • It’s 98% sugar free
  • It’s made with real fruit and stevia

  • It contains no no-no’s (like artificial sweeteners, colours and preservatives

Now that’s refreshing!

They’re also made from scratch, not from a powdered mix, so what better ready-to-go choice for staying hydrated at birthday parties, family picnics or BBQs this summer? It’s much healthier than some of that other stuff too.

You can find Vitafresh Made for Kids at New World and Pak’n’Save supermarkets now, $3.99 for a 2.7L bottle. Available in Orange and Mango, Apple and Blackcurrant, and Tropical.