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New Vitafresh Made For Kids – Out Now!

The brand new range of Vitafresh Fruit Drinks is made for kids! How do we know? It’s easy! Vitafresh Made For Kids is 98% sugar free, with no artificial ingredients. It contains stevia for sweetness (that comes from a plant, you know) and Monk Fruit, which is sweet like sugar but without all the calories. The only small amount of sugar in it comes from the real fruit content! All stuff that’s super important for kids.

A Delicious Coconut Yoghurt that Everyone can Eat!

The Coconut Collaborative’s dairy, soya and gluten free coconut yoghurt is now available in New Zealand The Coconut

Collaborative’s delicious, dairy, soya and gluten free yoghurts have arrived in New Zealand and we predict that it will be love at first spoonful.

This luscious yoghurt serves as a great everyday option for those looking for a tasty yet healthy treat and since it’s free from gluten, soya and dairy, it’s suitable for the whole family.

Kiwi Sugar Alternative Key in New Product Innovation

A Kiwi-Chinese joint venture which has developed a low-calorie sugar alternative made entirely from fruit will now see its ingredient added into an innovative new beverage.

Food manufacturer Hansells Food Group is using the product in a newly-launched shelf-stable beverage that utilises monk fruit juice to meet the growing local demand for low sugar drinks.